Building Management Systems

Using Building Management System (BMS), automate lighting and HVAC in an organization; and control energy expenditure, ensure security with digital surveillance, deploy effective safety measures by using smoke, fire, motion and occupancy sensors, get alerts by means of email, text message (SMS), telephonic call and more. Our insightful intelligent BMS technologies are designed to listen to what a building is saying about its condition. They collect and analyze data and then provide insights on how to improve and control your building's efficiency and productivity. This intelligent, world-class technology system connects your commercial HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems – enabling them to communicate on a single platform to deliver the information you need, allowing you to make smarter decisions while enhancing your occupants' comfort, safety and productivity.

BMS solution optimizes electricity usage of the air conditioning (HVAC) system by controlling temperature, fan speed, mode etc. based on occupancy. It can raise an alarm if the external doors are left open for a long time resulting in loss of efficiency. It can also operate curtains based on the configuration or temperature sensor input to improve efficiency.